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"My first experience with eLeadership 360 feedback was a life changing event. The instrument was a feedback tool that measured management and leadership effectiveness delivered by TMI. For the first time I was able to see a side by side a graphic representation of how I, and others, viewed my effectiveness. The results were not what I expected. From my teammate's perspective, I wasn't nearly as cooperative, open, and team oriented as I believed myself to be. In effect, I was unconsciously creating a barrier between the team and myself. The feedback was, frankly, a shock. Immediately I thought of the many reasons why the data was faulty. As the denial subsided, my mind gradually opened to the information in front of me and the bigger picture came into focus. I became increasingly aware of not only of my shortcomings, but of my strengths as well. The feedback gave me unparalleled insight into what was really going on between me and my team and a new found ability to make conscious choices to improve my performance. I recommend every manager to use eLeadership 360 feedback as a tool for professional development and career advancement."
Manager from Nissan

"I recommend Brent to any one who wants success and results in performance.  The 360 and Extended DISC assessment tools, audio resources and coaching Brent delivered to my team have been realized in everyday situations with employees and customers."

"TMI led our board through a search for a new CEO.  The analysis and expertise they brought in profiling assessing and interviewing assisted us in hiring the right person and making a smooth transition.”
Frank Black Burn,
President of Board,
ENMR-PLATEAU Telecommunications

“TMI’s leadership assessment tools, programs and expertise assisted our board and executives to develop a clear mission and long-term strategy to ensure our future in a competitive industry.  Your organization will benefit greatly from the expertise of Brent Strehlow and his team."

Chuck Knibbe,
Chairman of the Board, GVTC

“Brent is an extremely insightful consultant capable of matching the dynamics of business with the skills and culture necessary for a successful organization.  Brent is especially insightful in recommending the right blend of management, technical and personal attributes necessary to formulate an effective and challenging leadership team.”

Richie Sorrells, GVTC

“For the past six years, Mr. Strehlowhas conducted an annual seminar for our industry’s rising leaders through our trade organization.  Surveys from attendees report his thoughtful facilitation allows them to assess their current leadership acumen and set a growth path.  Many attend our second level workshop with Brent so they can gain further introspection and skill.”
Eileen Dickson, NRMCA


Brent's leadership program was the shot in the arm that our management team needed to reach even higher goals and accomplish greater challenges

Ruth Miller
Manager, Training and Development
Nissan North America

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