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E Leadership 360Feedback & Coaching for You & Your Team

The 360 feedback process gave me a much needed time to reflect on how others perceive my work. It gave me a boost of positive energy realizing I had accomplished more than I thought. I am very proud of my work.

Christiane Benny
Supervisor, HRG North America

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Our Approach can Help the Individual, Team and Organization
  • *Management and organizatlonal development (58%)
  • *Performance appraisal (25%)
  • *Support strategic implementation and culture change (20%)
  • *Team development (19%).
TMI utilizes 360 feedback for the first, third and fourth application in the above list. The uniqueness of our eLeadership 360 feedback is the fact it is based on TMI’s exclusive organizational leadership model, The 6 Levels of Leadership. This model will assist you in evaluating your leadership effectiveness in your role in the company, and can be applied beneficially to the individual, team, organization or for all three.

How does it work?

There are several steps in the process that are important for you to understand.

First of all, decide what objective you want to accomplish throughout the 360 process, because that will help determine how many and what levels in the organization are involved.

Second, once you have established your objective, then you want to identify who will be evaluating the participant.  Typically, you want the participant’s boss, all of his/her direct employees and 6-8 peers.  This gives you four data points to compare:  self, boss, employees and peers.  In addition you might consider:  internal customers and/or external customers as potential feedback groups.  If you have identified your list and are ready to get started, use this template and send it to tmi@tmicentral.com.

Third, you communicate internally to the selected evaluators they will be participating in the eLeadership 360 process, and let them know they’ll be receiving instructions from TMI via email to proceed.

Fourth, Once the third step is completed, all evaluators and the subject will receive a web-generated email from TMI explaining the process and benefits, and also thanking them for participating. They’ll also get a unique password to login and maintain anonymity. Once the evaluator types their email address and password into the website a customized form with their name welcomes them to the eLeadership 360 to complete the questionnaire.

Fifth, It typically takes approximately 45 minutes to answer all the questions.  If the evaluator has to pause before finishing and leave the website, all completed information will be saved for their return.  The assessment can be completed at any time.

Note: The five scale rating system on assessment questions includes a “not applicable” answer to maximize accuracy. “Not applicable” is used when a question relates to an area the evaluator is not responsible for example: If it requests your feedback regarding budgeting skills and this person doesn’t have budgeting responsibilities you would choose “not applicable”.

Six, Once all the evaluators have completed their assessments within a prescribed time, (that deadline will be communicated to them by TMI), then the report will be processed and delivered to the participant by hard copy or electronically by PDF. Typically, reports are delivered hard copy to ensure confidentiality of the data.



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